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about us

Photo Credit:  loriannaweathers.com

Photo Credit: loriannaweathers.com

It all started when…

The mission the Shires Young Professional group is to help young professionals and families create deep roots in our community that encourage them to stay and build a prosperous life in the Shires of Vermont.  The SYP looks to engage, emerge, and empower young professionals throughout the region. 

Our young professionals events, programs and gatherings are open to all people, but we do focus on the 21 to 40-year old age range.  We hope you enjoy the fun, modern, sometimes loud, sometimes late night activities we have – if you’re up for it, we want you there!

Leadership Advisory Board 

Danielle Blanchard, Forest Weyen, Matt Willey, Matt Harrington, Michelle Marrocco, Mikaela Lewis, Jonathan Werkmeister, Kayla Davis, Kelly Clarke, Ed Barbeau, Mike Cutler, Tyler Cinelli, and Noah Williams.

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